#theArena, these ladies went off.

clearly i was getting too amped watching to even keep the camera straight.

The first set of many from ALIAS’s event yesterday (Mar. 30, 2014)

Good to be back in waterloo to watch some of my friends battle it out.

So proud of this group right here, and so happy to see them win the Ontario Universities Competition for Hip-Hop this year.

Being a Waterloo alumni, and having danced on this team last year, I am obviously extremely happy to see them take the title. However, what really makes me happy is to see my little brother succeed. He had the honor of leading the squad this year and making this happen. Although he’ll even admit that he isn’t the best dancer, he definitely knows how to lead and bring out the best in others. Even having to deal with haters and people doubting the direction he was taking the team, he pulled through and came out with the win.

Some of my Waterloo fam all dressed up for our friends’ summer wedding.